Has held various positions relating to both operations and administration in global companies since 1980. He has been assigned to head projects in the field of Engineering, In-flight Services, Marketing, HR, IT and Change Management locally as well as overseas within Asia, Europe, Americas and Australiasia.

Once an aeronautical engineer (AMEL) by profession, has held various portfolios such as Program Director, Risk Manager and IT Manager. A Fellow to the International Academy of Management holds a double-doctorate; Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Management.

A Management/Business Consultant majoring in the areas of Change Management, Program and Project Management, Human Resource Development; has written materials and facilitated workshops and seminars, and frequently invited as guest speaker at local and international forums.

A visiting lecturer for Australian, Belgian, Malaysian and US based Universities is also serious in street scenes, people, product and landscape photography.